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Reducing Eye Strain with Ocean Waves Sunglasses

Regardless of whether you’re fishing or boating, picking the right pair of sunglasses is important to reduce eye strain. When you’re on the water you get a double dose of ultraviolet rays, because they are intensified as they are reflected off the water’s surface. Instead of being scattered in all kinds of directions, light reflecting off water travels in a more horizontal direction creating glare. This glare can do some serious damage to your eyes. Polarized glasses utilize a specialized filter that works to reduce this intense focus of light, therefore, reducing glare. Bonus, Ocean Waves Sunglasses polarized lenses also allow you to see deeper into the water than you can with your naked eyes or non-polarized sunglasses!

Studies show that without the proper protection, UV radiation can cause damage to our eyelids, corneas, and our eye lens along with a higher risk of developing skin cancers in and around the eye. Prolonged exposure to UV radiation can lead to growths, cataracts, and even macular degeneration. We believe it’s important to your eye, especially as we age. To protect your eyes and reduce eye strain, make sure your sunglasses block 99-100% of all UV rays.

The Best Fishing Sunglass Lenses Color for Reducing Eye Strain

Ocean Waves Sunglasses come in a variety of colors, but for our silver lenses are the best to reduce eye strain. Of course, the best fishing sunglasses pair for you will depend on where you plan to mostly spend your time on the water.

Our silver lenses are the darkest on the market and only let in 8% light transmission. They are extremely relaxing to the eye and are great for people that are out in the sun all day. According to Ocean Waves’ wearers like Lifeguards and Fishermen, say the Silver has helped them find some relief from both light sensitivity and relief from full sun fatigue.

Silver Lenses Color Benefits

In addition to reducing eye strain and fatigue, the grey/black color of the Silver makes it a great pair to wear in all weather conditions (even those sudden Florida rainstorms). These lenses also provide truer color perception while minimizing glare.

Having the darkest tint with highest available light reduction makes our polarized sunglasses great for when you're on the open ocean. They are also very popular among women since they are not really seen as colored lenses.

If silver lenses aren’t the look you’re going for, then pink/red lenses also reduce eye strain and improve visibility and depth.

Protect Your Eyes with Ocean Waves Sunglasses

Remember: your eyes are very susceptible to dangerous UV rays even on cloudy days. You might not think you need them to block the water's glare, but make sure to pack a pair of fishing sunglasses to reduce eye strain while on the water.

If you’ve been experiencing eye strain while fishing, you need to purchase a pair of fishing sunglasses. Ocean Waves Sunglasses are the best polarized sunglasses online. Buy your pair today to see the difference wearing Waves makes!

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