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How To Select The Right Sunglasses For Fishing

Do you start or finish your fishing trips in the dark and have to take off your protective eye gear because you can’t see through them? While out on the boat in the heat of the afternoon, were you blinded by the sunlight reflecting off the water? 

You can easily avoid these irritating mishaps by choosing a pair of fishing sunglasses that is appropriate for the style of fishing you’re doing. In this blog post, we’ll teach you how to select the right sunglasses for fishing based on several different factors, including whether you’re fishing onshore or offshore, the time of day you’re out on the boat, and how many hours or days you plan to fish.


Fishing In The Dark

When you’re fishing or even just shipping in or out in the dark - typically early morning or late at night - you need to see what you’re doing, but you also need to keep your eyes protected. That’s why you reach for sunglasses that are equipped with Luminator lenses. This type of lens is designed to enhance your low light vision.

Fishing During The Day

When you’re fishing during the day, you need sunglasses that shield your eyes from the brightest sunlight, but that also help your eyes and the skin around them stay cool. To accomplish this, go for sunglasses with Backwater Green lenses. They’re mirrored to deflect light and heat away from your eyes. Ocean Waves Sunglasses offers several different styles and frame colors with Backwater Green lenses, including Jax Beach, Greenhorn, and the Atlantic Beach 2 RX.

Fishing Offshore

When you’re fishing offshore, you’re out on the open water far from land and out in the open sun for hours, even days at a time. The sunglasses you wear should be comfortable, but also deflect sunlight so you don’t have to squint at the high points of the day. Blue Mirror lenses are the best option to wear when you’re fishing offshore. Ocean Waves has around 30 different styles to choose from, such as Kauai, Molokai, and Blackfin.   

 Fishing Inshore

When you’re fishing inshore, we recommend Backwater Green lenses and Luminator lenses. The Backwater Green lenses will reduce glare and allow you to see in more direct sunlight, and the Luminator lenses will enhance your surroundings when night falls or before dawn.

Fishing For A Long Period Of Time

If you plan on fishing for long periods of time, like hours or days, we recommend you bring sunglasses with Blue Mirror lenses and Luminator lenses. The first is essential for staying comfortable during the day with the sun beating down, while the second will help you see better when it gets dark and just before dawn.


The Right Pair Of Sunglasses Leads To A Better Day Of Fishing 

When you’re wearing a pair of sunglasses that is appropriate to the time of day you’re fishing, the style of fishing, and the amount of time you’re out on the water, your whole trip becomes much easier. You’ll find yourself able to see at all times of the day without squinting or using lots of lights that might scare away the fish. Never worry again about having to say goodbye to your next big catch because you can’t see it!
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