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Polarized Sunglasses: How Does It Help You Fish?

While keeping the sun out of your eyes is the primary reason for wearing sunglasses, not all sunglasses are the same. There are many different types of lenses used in sunglasses these days, however, there is one type of lens that works very well when fishing. The lens technology use in polarized fishing sunglasses is quite sophisticated. The properties of the materials used to make the lenses in the sunglasses work especially well for fishing.

5 Reasons why polarized sunglasses are a must for fishing

#1 The unique construction of the lenses and the materials that are used to make them. The polarizers that are used to create the lenses are designed to work by blocking the reflected light. The rays of the sun that reflect off the surface of the water are even more powerful than regular rays from the sun. By blocking these intense rays and reducing overall all glare, your eyes can look into the water and interpret water in order to determine where the fishes are.

#2 Improved contrast helps your eyes to see more fish underwater. The makers of polarized lenses for their sunglasses use specific-colored lenses to help improve contrast. The four most common colors of the lenses found on polarized fishing glasses are rose, yellow, grey, and amber. Each color of the lens will improve the visual contrast by a certain degree. The yellow-colored lenses are the most popular and it is also the color that produces the most contrast improvement.

#3 Colored polarized lenses are also very good when you are fishing in low light conditions. This is very important considering most fishermen know that many species of fish are most active at dusk and before dawn. They are both very challenging when it comes to seeing in the water. The light color of yellow polarized lenses improves your eye’s ability to see in low light conditions. The occurs because the yellow color helps your eyes to absorb more visual light which helps when light is at its lowest level.

#4 Improved eyesight while fishing, especially if you are wading in the water is extremely important. Being able to see potential hazards lurking under the water is also very important. Fish tend to hide in and around things in the water and being able to focus better on these underwater obstructions. From a safety standpoint, all underwater obstructions can be a potential safety hazard.

#5 The improved contrast, reduced glare combines to show that polarized fishing sunglasses are the best eyewear for fishing. Being able to keep a close eye on the bait in the case of fly fishing is extremely important. It is also important to cut through the glare to be able to see when the fish strikes the bait. Polarized sunglasses are also thought to help reduce eyestrain.

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