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What are Polarized Sunglasses? 

This specialized eye wear is a must to enhance your view and fight glare from water and glass and of course, protect your eyes from the sun. By reducing glare, our affordable polarized sunglasses help retain the true color of objects and makes things (ex. fish) easier to see-even in rainy, cloudy weather. Basically, polarized sunglasses help you see more clearly and avoid health issues.

How Polarization Works

Light usually scatters in all directions; but when it's reflected from flat surfaces, it tends to become polarized — meaning it travels in a more uniform (usually horizontal) direction. This creates an annoying and sometimes dangerous intensity of reflected light that causes glare and reduces visibility.

When wearing sunglasses without polarization, the lenses only reduce the amount of light that is transmitted through the lens both horizontally and vertically. If you choose polarized lenses, though, the glasses absorb horizontal light waves, while still allowing vertical waves to pass through. Basically, light only travels in one direction through polarized lenses which then eliminates glare.

See the difference polarized lenses can make on your view:

Nice right? Each color of polarized sunglasses has a different effect and can help with increasing your visibility and clarity while out for a day on the water. The team at Ocean Waves Sunglasses in Atlantic Beach, FL are here to help you find the right color for your needs!

When Do I Need Polarized Sunglasses?

Fishing and Sailing

Especially, when you do some sports near water such as fishing and sailing, you need to wear polarized sunglasses for better performance of your sports. The sun reflects in the water and will create a harmful glare. This will bother your sight over time and may cause eye strain.

Baseball & Golf

For playing ball games such as baseball and golf, you need to see farther and clearer. However, if the sun is strong and shines from the opposite side, you will not be able to see through the sun. If you have a nice pair of polarized sunglasses, you will see farther and boost the performance of your activities.

Everyday Life

Generally, polarized lenses are needed pretty much every day. When you go sightseeing, to the beach, hiking, and driving, you may have experienced that you cannot look forward because of the sun. It can be very dangerous depending on where you are.

For years, boaters and fishermen have been the sole users of wearing polarized sunglasses. More recently, though, the benefits of polarization have been embraced by many outdoor enthusiasts. If you’re a water-sport athlete, golfer, cyclists, or runner – you can benefit from sunglasses with polarized lenses from Ocean Waves. We promise they will make your favorite activity even more enjoyable. Get your pair of polarized Ocean Waves Sunglasses online today!

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