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Winter Fishing Tips- Bait, Sunglasses and more..

Talk about fishing and most people picture either a lazy, hot summer day at the old fishing hole in the country or they may think of sport fishing out on the ocean on a fast boat.  A much smaller percentage of people will extol the experience of ice fishing during the winter.  Ice fishing does have a long and storied history in many northern areas.  There are fishing derbies, special equipment, even whole fishing shacks built on the holes that are cut into the ice. Every winter there are wide streams, ponds, and lakes that come to resemble swiss cheese as people chop holes into the ice and drop a baited line.  In this article, we will focus on some tips for fishing during the coldest season and the right fishing gear to carry for your expedition.    

Get The Right Gear For The Season   

It is important to realize that the fishing gear and apparel that works for the warmer weather might not be as useful during the cold of winter. Cold temperatures can cause the reels of your fishing rod to freeze up. You need to maintain your reels. Likewise, water will freeze on the line tangle it, and prevent it from moving through the eyelet, using line conditioner will prevent that.

You also need to focus on what you are wearing. Obviously, frostbite is an issue when you are outside in the cold for hours. You need to have the right clothing. Waterproof boots and insulated gloves, long underwear and thermal socks, and a winter coat and warm hat are all keys. There is one item you need to protect your eyes, the right fishing sunglasses. The glare of the sun on ice and snow is powerful. It can even be worse than the summer sun. At Ocean Waves our seven-layer technology makes our produce the ultimate fishing sunglasses.      

Bait Your Hook

Every fisher knows that you need the right bait if you want to catch fish. The bright lures that work during the summer when the water is warm and fish are more active don’t work as well during the winter. Live bait that reacts to the cold water is more likely to lure the fish to the hook. Our fishing sunglasses have an anti-reflective layer that reduces glare and makes it easy to bait your hook.

Safety First

Being out on the ice or in a boat in freezing water is risky. Leave a plan so that people know where you are and check-in. That way, should something happen, they will know where you are. Bring food for energy, particularly hot food like soup. Remember to wear warm, waterproof layers. Remember to protect your eyes from the sun with the right fishing sunglasses. Our sunglasses have the highest quality polarization, protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. 

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