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Ocean Waves Sponsors the New Season of Tazin TV!

All anglers leverage eyesight for success on the water. Whether tying the perfect knot, locating aquatic structure, or identifying submerged casting targets, clear vision under all conditions can make the difference between an average trip and one of epic proportions.

Ocean Waves sunglasses – handcrafted in Atlantic Beach, Florida since 1979 – incorporate unprecedented technologies to forge premium eyewear that helps anglers connect with success. Now, Ocean Waves ventures to the rugged North – where leviathan lake trout and gargantuan pike test anglers’ tackle and their mettle – to partner with Tazin TV.

 Tazin Lake is your home for giant lake trout and pike, and Ocean Waves sunglasses are the best angling eyewear available – from their home in Florida to their newest field-proven location in far northwest Saskatchewan. See them in action on Tazin TV, working together to connect anglers with their fish of a lifetime – over and over again. Learn more and watch every episode of Tazin TV at

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