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Why Anglers Need Fishing Sunglasses

Fishing requires special tools: hooks, nets, and (not that we’re biased) a good pair of polarized sunglasses are a must for the list. Why do anglers need fishing sunglasses? Sunglasses like Ocean Waves let you see into the water and spot fish easier. Plus, they protect your eyes from UV rays during those long days on the water. Protection and productivity are the main reasons why polarized fishing sunglasses have become gear that no angler should be without.

Fishermen expect a lot from our eyes, and glare from the water can cause eye strain. Wearing polarized lenses will cut the impact of harsh glare and help you to stop squinting to see the fish. With the reflective glare out of the way, you’re free to see into the water.

When you can see into the water, you catch more fish. It’s truly that simple. Make sure you get high-quality fishing glasses like Ocean Waves Sunglasses because low-end ones distort your vision and aren’t as clear (why cost yourself the fish?) Quality lenses like ours provide clarity and will filter light so you can see deeper into the water, allowing you to spot your next trophy catch.

Whether you most enjoy inshore or nearshore, in a canal, on a lake, or out in the middle of the ocean, the right polarized fishing sunglasses will help you see beyond the surface of the water. Think of where you spend the most time fishing. It’s important to consider your typical fishing location so your lenses cater to that environment.

Freshwater Fishing: Polarized fishing sunglasses with copper or amber lenses with green mirror are best for seeing into shallow depths. A lighter lens will provide the right contrast in the less severe light reflecting off this type of water.


Offshore Fishing: If you’re an angler who enjoys fishing offshore, then a grey base lens with blue mirror is best. Darker lenses help with the intense light reflecting off the open ocean. The grey base lens color provides plenty of UV protection and eliminates glare on the water.

As you spend more time outdoors, the chance of potentially harmful effects of sunlight increases. Sun protection is key; especially here in South Florida. You know we have fishing sunglasses on our must pack items list, but don’t forget sunscreen and protective clothing too. Many people think that a hat and regular sunglasses will do just fine to protect their eyes on the boat, but due to lack of clarity, these anglers end up probably not wearing their sunglasses at all. Quality polarized sunglasses like Ocean Waves mean that serious anglers have the protection that allows them to land their next big catch at the same time.

Before your next fishing adventure, make sure you have your polarized fishing sunglasses packed! For some anglers, the look of the glasses is important, while other serious anglers want the upper-hand against the fish. Either way, Ocean Waves Sunglasses are your answer for fishing sunglasses. We have plenty of frame styles & lens colors to match your unique needs. Shop online or stop by our sunglasses store in Atlantic Beach, FL to get your pair!

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