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Fishing in the Rain

As a fishing sunglasses company, we obviously love having fun in the sun, keyword sun. But, since we’re in Atlantic Beach, FL we also know that summer rains can come out of nowhere. The weather impacts fishing and can affect fish behavior. Fish have a good sense of the weather and are sensitive to pressure changes and passing fronts. We’ll share more info so you can be prepared for any rain shower!

How Rain Impacts Fishing

If you find yourself in the middle of a light rain shower, resist the urge to head in. It’s truly a great time to go fishing!

Fishing during a light rain makes your casting lines less noticeable. Plus, rain can affect how well the fish are biting. Bugs tend to be nearer to the water’s surface when it’s raining. This tends to entice fish closer to the surface and therefore makes them easier to see and catch.

Handling Heavy Rain


Around here, the sky’s can really open up and this can lead to some pretty amazing fishing (not that we’re biased). Of course, we’re not suggesting that you fish in unsafe conditions like thunder or lightning. But experienced anglers know that a heavy shower can be what’s needed to help you have a successful day on the water.

If you’re going to be fishing in rainy conditions, make sure it’s in an area you’re familiar with. While safety comes first, as long as it’s not too choppy, you can keep fishing.


Fishing After It Rains

The day after a storm the weather can leave its mark. If you’re inshore fishing, the normally clear water can be muddy after it rains so prepare for limited visibility. Make sure you check the weather fronts and patterns and make sure you’re prepared for any secondary rainstorms.

Tips from the Team

Try Different Baits

Rain can bump insects and other organic material into the water; it can even knock down bird nests and wash out mice. You know that lure you bought just cause it was really freaking cool? Well, fishing after the rain may just be the time to bust out that crazy lure.

We suggest you use brighter, louder baits in muddy water as opposed to the more subtle colors you’d use in clear water.

Make the best of it

Fishing in the rain can be fun. Crack a beer and have a laugh! Don’t forget: rain can actually make for a very successful trip.

Rain or shine at Ocean Waves Sunglasses loves fishing. When you pack the right gear, you’ll be prepared for any situation. To make the most of your time on the water, you’ll want to pack our high-quality fishing sunglasses. Visit our sunglasses showroom in Atlantic Beach, FL or order online

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