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Must Pack Items for Your Next Offshore Fishing Trip

Every angler loves a good fishing gadget, whether it’s an awesome filet knife or a new digital accessory that could seriously help your fishing game. At Ocean Waves Sunglasses, we basically live on the water so keep reading for our recommendations of items you need to pack for your next deep sea fishing charter!

Deeper Portable Wireless Wi-Fi Fish Finder: If you’re going offshore fishing, you’ll want this gadget on hand! The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ is a sonar fish finder that you tie to tied your line. Then you can use an app on your smartphone to survey the underwater landscape to locate the fish. The Pro+ has full GPS integration, which allows you to map wherever you fish and has a 300-foot Wi-Fi range from your phone, and a depth range of 260 feet!

Inf-way Fishing Glove with Magnet Release: Protect your hands from hooks, sharp objects, and knives with this fish-handling glove from Inf-way. These are practical and high quality gloves to save you from sharp blades and puncture wounds on the palm and underside of each finger.

GoPro Hero5: GoPro does it again! Mount the waterproof GoPro so you can catch every minute of the action. The battery can sustain up to 90 minutes of continuous 4K video recording, and you can control the GoPro from a distance on an app.

Okuma Spinning Travel Kit: Want to go saltwater fishing on the fly? You need the Okuma Spinning Travel Kit. It’s an affordable way to keep a light fishing tackle set up at all times. This fishing travel kit comes in its own padded carry case which protects the rod and reel from being damaged in transit. It also has a lightweight reel, five six-foot travel rods, and small tackle box.

Morakniv Fishing Comfort Fillet Knife: When you fillet a fish, you need a strong, flexible, and SHARP knife. This particular knife comes with a high friction handle that helps maintain grip and doesn’t absorb odors when cleaning fish.

Booms Multi-Tool Fishing Pliers: Every good angler needs a good pair of fishing pliers. And these are some of the best around. It’s a high quality tool that’s made to last a lifetime. The Booms Multi-Tool is packed with 13 separate tools that fold down into easy-to-store compact pliers.

It has the ability to perform all kinds of fishing tasks like crimping lead and sleeves, cutting through wire leaders, opening split rings, and more! Pro tip: Even though the steel is treated to be anti-rust, it’s best you coat a little light oil on the surface before you go fishing for the screws and holes.

Ocean Waves Atlantic Beach Sunglasses: Absolutely you can’t forget your Ocean Waves Sunglasses when you’re packing for a day of deep-sea fishing! Being in the sun all day can wreak serious havoc on the eyes, so you’ve got to wear shades. Our polarized glass and polycarbonate sunglasses protect your eyes from the harmful glare off the surface of the water AND help you locate fish better. Bonus -- they are highly durable and tough enough to withstand long-term outdoor use. So if you don’t have a pair, make sure you grab yours today!

Now that you have the fishing gear you need for your saltwater fishing trip, it’s time to get on the water and have fun!

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