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Hottest Spring & Summer 2020 Sunglasses Trends

If you are going to be spending some time outside at the beach this summer, it’s important to have the right eyewear. Oceanwaves sunglasses have a variety of styles to suit everything from fishing to spending time out in the waves. Being stylish is an important touch for protecting yourself. Here are some of the best new sunglass trends for 2020:

Atlantic Beach Sunglasses:

This style of glasses is somewhat similar to the original aviator but with a cooler reflection and a much more summer-friendly vibe. The larger frames and the classic style wrapping hinges make this a durable set of glasses that is perfect for a day out on the water or at the beach.


Tiny frames are also in for 2020 and many people are turning over to the idea of smaller frames that also have excellent eye coverage. Casablanca, Mojo and California style glasses have all been made popular because of their smaller frame size and for the discreet look that they can provide.

Harbor Springs:

A modern take on the traditional wayfarer style with some thicker frames has come into play for 2020 as well. Many people are interested in choosing glasses that are going to complement their style and this is an excellent and neutral style of glasses that can keep you in the perfect eyewear for summer.


This style of glasses is perfect for fishing or boating because it wraps around well and protects the eyes from almost any angle. The style is also a popular choice for 2020 because it falls into the thicker frame style of glasses which is known for some highlights to styles this year. People are seeking out thicker frames and more functional glasses rather than just something that looks good. Luckily these do both!

Consider any of these top sunglasses this year if you want to remain on-trend!

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