Our glasses are backed by our craftsmanship, technology and passion for our customers clear vision. It’s a beautiful world out there – why not see it clearly no matter what you are up to? If you need help you choosing the right type of eye-wear for your needs, we can help you here.

Lens Technology

Our glass lenses have 7 different layers, each with a specific purpose:

Crown Glass (1st & 6th Layer)

Our lenses are made from the highest quality Crown Glass (same glass used in binoculars and cameras). Our glass lenses have zero distortion for clearer vision and the thoughts materials to scratch.

Mirror Between the Glass Technology (2nd Layer)

Our mirrors are encased between two glass lenses making the mirrors impossible to scratch, additionally they are vacuum sealed with 12 separate coatings to produce the utmost consistency with a distortion-free visual clarity.

Polarization Film (3rd Layer)

The highest quality polarization and 100% UV-A & UV-B protection in the market, blocking all UV light up to 400NM (nanometers).

Bonding (4th & 5th Layer)

We use a vacuum sealing process with the strongest adhesives for crystal clear bonding effect and a chemical bonding process for all of its scratch resistant coatings.

Anti-Reflective Coating (7th Layer)

Anti-Reflective (AR) coating are state of the art. Seven coatings go magnesium hexafluoride are thermally applied via our unique vacuuming process to the inside of the lens to ensure absolute consistency and resilience. The AR coatings absorb "bounce back" of glare and UV light.