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Trendy Sunglasses to Rock this Summer

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After being stuck inside for the last couple of years, everyone is ready to get back onto the beaches, lakes, and rivers to enjoy some well-deserved time in the sun. So while we all emerge from our comfortable streaming video caves, it’s a good idea to upgrade your sunglasses to keep you both protected and looking fantastic. Even those gray and overcast days can still cause eye strain, especially for people looking to get some fishing done in the hot summer months.


That is why we at Ocean Waves Sunglasses have put together a quick list of some of the more positive trends that are likely to hit sunglass stores all over the country. We want each and every one of you to have the latest sunglasses for summer ready to go when those hot afternoon days require a long relaxing soak at the beach.


Get a Prescription Pair

People who enjoy living in the south of the United States like to keep a pair of reading glasses and Florida sunglasses handy. These aren’t the one size fits all transition lenses that you’re used to in colder climates. You have glasses for everyday use at work or when you’re behind a computer, and then you have a pair of sunglasses for summer. We highly suggest investing in a second pair of sunglasses that meet your prescription level and offer you more fashion options. 


Mirrors & Large Frames

Anyone keeping up with the latest trends on social media will recognize celebrities wearing mirrored sunglasses. This creates an error of mystery and gives you a bit more privacy when in a group setting. Not to mention the mirror effects of the sunglasses prevent harmful UV rays from wreaking havoc on your eyeballs.


Rounds & White

The large rounded lenses that we used to see all the time in the late 60s to mid-70s are making a solid comeback, especially for female consumers. Adding on a thick white frame around those glasses is becoming a popular trend in most urban areas. 


The Fisherman’s Choice

Utility is becoming an essential factor in consumer decisions. Since the lockdown, purchasing products that can be reused or serve a secondary purpose is not only fashionable, they also make logical sense. That is why you see many people purchasing sunglasses for the first time in a few years getting a pair that also helps them with water sports, recreational activities, or fishing. These kinds of glasses have a special tint to them, so you can see the shadows of different fish or rocks in the water in those magical morning and evening hours. 


The Aviator

For all of you Magnum PI fans of yesteryear, be sure to celebrate the heavy return of the aviator sunglasses. This classic, yet somehow elegant choice is sure to remain a favorite throughout 2022 and most likely into the future.


Where to Shop

If you are in the market for a new pair of trendy sunglasses for summer be sure to check out the variety of options available at Ocean Waves. We have a wide selection of frame choices and prescription models sure to enhance your Florida sunglasses decision. Even better, we provide the virtual try-on space you need to finish all your shopping online instead of having to go to store-to-store with all the crowds. Visit our website today and check out the many options available for your next sunglasses decision.

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