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Best Sunglasses For The Beach

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It’s almost summer, which means it’s time to start breaking out your beach gear. An absolute must-have for a day soaking in the sunshine, sand, and sea is a trusty pair of beach sunglasses. Not only will they have you looking your coolest, they will also protect your eyes from the elements and the UV rays coming from the sun.

At Ocean Waves, we’ve got the highest quality, the most stylish, and (most importantly) the most protective beach sunglasses money can buy. In this blog post, we cover why our glasses are the best choice for your beach eyewear, and also offer up some of our favorite beach styles so you can find a pair that suits your unique personality. 


What Makes Our Glasses So Great: The Protection

When it comes to choosing a pair of sunglasses to wear at the beach, there’s several things you need to take into consideration. Style, for one; you need to make sure the pair you choose fits your vibe. But the main thing you should look for in beach sunglasses are lenses that are coated with several protective layers. These layers will ensure your eyes aren’t damaged by sand, saltwater, UV rays, and other outdoor elements.

All our sunglasses feature lenses that are built up with 6-7 layers of protection: 

  1. Crown Glass - a high quality, zero distortion form of glass that’s also used in binoculars and cameras
  2. Mirror Between Glass - a layer in which a mirror is sandwiched between two glass lenses to deflect light and protect the mirror from being scratched
  3. Polarization Film - provides 100% UV-A and UV-B protection
  4. Bonding - a vacuum seal process that binds all the layers together seamlessly, without scratches
  5. Anti-reflective Coating - absorbs “bounce back” from glares and UV light


Best Beach Sunglasses By Ocean Waves

Here are some of our favorite beach sunglasses from our collection:

  1. Atlantic Beach 2 - These sunglasses are available in a wide array of different color configuration for the frames and the lenses. Their wraparound style provides protection from multiple angles. They’re available with mirrored as well as non-mirrored lenses in case you prefer shades that aren’t reflective when you look at them head on. But all of the Atlantic Beach 2 lens options still feature the other layers of protection offered by Ocean Waves, such as polarization, that are so essential when you’re out on the beach all day.
  2. Aruba - You’ll be the most stylin’ visitor on the beach when you wear our Aruba sunglasses. These shades feature a vintage style shape for the lenses and a thin wire frame which is nonetheless strong and sturdy. They protect your vision from glares and UV rays so you can enjoy the sights of the beach without tiring your eyes out. The lenses are available in a wide array of colors, so you can select the hue that best suits your vibe.
  3. Neptune Beach - Feel as powerful (and stylish!) as the titular Roman god of the sea when you wear our Neptune Beach sunglasses. Available in a black or tortoise shell-colored frame and multiple lens shades, these sunglasses feature our premium 7-layer protection technology to protect your eyes while you’re bumming on the beach.
  4. Folly Beach - These sunglasses have a subtle, near-cat eye shape that will make you look sleek and chic on the beach. The frames come in black and tortoise shell styles, and the lenses are available in beautiful, light colors and provide 7-layer protection.

The ocean is calling you. Grab a pair Ocean Waves sunglasses and hit the beach!


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